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What would immediate, individualized parenting, partnering, and life support mean to you?
With a focus on positive, heartful parenting and savvy safety for parents of toddlers, teens, and in-betweens, the community and resources inside the Heartful Parent Academy are waiting for YOU!

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"Christy is a gifted Parent Coach. She has wonderful suggestions for parents to help them foster connection with their children while still tackling tough parenting challenges. Her enthusiasm, warmth, and expertise are unparalleled. Parents love learning from and working with Christy!"

- Christine M.
Nationally Renowned Parent Educator

"So amazing, empowering, and life-changing! Parenting is a topic/skill that doesn’t come with training—there are classes available for newborn care, breastfeeding, safety, intro to solids, etc. This needs to be offered to all parents right off the bat to start family and parenting relationships off on a positive note! I wish I took it 10 years ago! "

- Jackie M.

"Positively life-changing for the better! "

Sarah M.

"Thank you Christy for being a wonderful parent coach!! Our house is more peaceful, more connected and more joyful! "

- Hala L.

"Whether you're a caretaker at the end of your rope or just looking to hone your parenting skills, I can't recommend Christy enough to help. She's the light at the end of the tunnel!!"

- Alana Z.

"As a mom I am always trying my best to do what is right for my kids, but I get very little time to reflect on how to do so. With her course, I got an expert on my side to guide me - and it was amazing! It makes living life the way I “dreamed” it would be possible."

- Alicia B.

"Christy guided us to use consistency and predictability with clear expectations for our boys to decrease fighting and yelling between them and remove the power struggle between parents and kids. Thanks to Christy’s help we have significantly more peace, balance and happiness in our household!"

- Nicole B.

"I started working with Christy because I wanted to parent differently than I was parented, but didn't know exactly how. Between my job and the day to day messiness of young kids, I don't have time to read a lot of parenting books, so it was so helpful to have someone pull from so many relevant approaches and synthesize the abundance of information into a meaningful strategy that felt right for me. I am confident that my work with Christy has made me both a better parent as well as a happier person. I would recommend her wholeheartedly! - Hilary H."

- Hilary H.

"Christy was there to help me get a better handle on how to communicate with my two daughters. Before our coaching sessions, there were lots of yelling and tears from all of us, and I didn't know how to get through to them. Christy gave me tools that I have repeatedly used to connect with my two very different girls. She provides a safe place to discuss the issues that are important to you - never judging and always very empathetic. I highly recommend Christy. She is a great resource."

- Catherine P.

"Christy does incredible work and has a great approach to helping parents be the best they can be."

- May H.

"I highly recommend Christy as a parent coach. I was struggling with work/life balance; my marriage/life balance, and my confidence in parenting. She helped me and my family get “unstuck”, and will bring joy to you and your family!"

- Kristin K.

"If there’s one decision I’ve made this year that will yield a high return for years to come, it was signing up for [Christy’s positive discipline workshop] with my partner. Getting on the same page together has been beyond beneficial in how we communicate with our daughter and with each other, and we are all changed for the better already.” "

- Katrina and Josh C.

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